Are you looking for a web design agency? Trying to find a top design firm to handle a website redesign, some graphic design projects, or your company branding? You’ve come to the right place.

Top Design Agencies provides a yearly ranking of the top design agencies all over the world. Below are the three best design agencies for 2016. You can see the full list by clicking the button below, or read on to learn more about the criteria we used to pick this year’s list.

Design Agency #2

convoy interactive

Convoy Interactive – Corporate branding, web design, and development.

Hamburg, Germany

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Design Agency #3

Magnani Caruso Dutton – A digital customer experience agency.

Chicago, Illinois

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This is just the beginning of our 2016 list of the best design agencies! We selected the top design agencies based on a wide number of factors, including cost of design, number of happy clients, location, agency size, experience, array of services offered, and more.

A total of 15 agencies made this year’s list. We’ve highlighted the top three above. To see the rest, click the button below.

How are these ranked?

To create our list of the best design agencies, we started by gathering a list of the top-rated companies all around the world. We used a variety of industry publications and independent lists, as well as our own research. We then evaluated each agency using a variety of criteria, including:

    • the range of services offered
    • the quality of their services
    • size/number of employees
    • cost of services
    • testimonials, ratings, and public reviews
    • their portfolio
    • their own website

Upon the completion of this evaluation, we eliminated any agencies with an abundance of negative reviews, no portfolios, services that were outrageously expensive, or any other red flags. Finally, we pared down the list to a total of 15 companies and placed them in order based on how well we felt they fit the description of “top design agency.”

If you are looking for a web design or graphic design company to work with, we encourage you to view our 2016 list of the top firms as a starting point. These are the firms that we personally recommend for your online design or marketing needs.

Full-Disclosure: Themeforest is an affiliate sponsor of

Full-Disclosure: Themeforest is an affiliate sponsor of

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