If you’re looking for a design agency to design your website, redesign your existing company branding, or take on your business’s graphic design and web design tasks, you may be wondering where to start your search. Are there really web design agencies located nearby? Or do you need to search in big cities… or even around the world… to find what you want?

While our list of the top agencies is probably the best place to start, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to choosing your agency based on its location. On this page, we’ll review the three general locations where you might find web design firms — in small cities, large ones, and in locations around the world — and the pros and cons associated with picking one of those.

Small Cities

If you’re located in a small city, your first reaction may be to find an agency located in the same town. However, this may not be the best choice: small companies can be limited in their size, resources, and employees, so the turnaround time on your projects runs the risk of being very high. Having said that, if your budget is low, you may find that the hands-on service outweighs the time and cost you would spend commuting to meet up with an agency in a bigger town a few hours away.

Pros: Hands-on, personalized service is usually delivered by agencies in smaller cities. Advantageous for smaller businesses who don’t have the time or budget to travel long distances for meetings, or want to meet frequently with their firm of choice.

Cons: Smaller cities mean smaller firms due to a smaller selection of employees and less businesses to choose from. Your response time may be slower, and the service quality may be a little lower.

Large Cities

Big city agencies — even those near you — typically have more employees, usually in the 51-100 range on our list. This means they have more resources than smaller firms, and can usually turn around projects and request in less time. However, the experience, resources, and client base they have can sometimes come at a cost. Expect to pay a little more for an agency based in a larger city, since they’ve proven themselves and likely have the portfolio and awards to back it up.

Pros: Large city agencies usually have a bigger client base, giving them more resources. They also typically have more employees since they are located in an urban area where more people live and work. Also, large city agencies are located closer to airports and highways making them convenient for travel.

Cons: Sometimes a bigger agency comes with a bigger cost.


If location is of no concern to you, why not expand your search to the rest of the world? Some of the best agencies on our list are located outside of the United States! These firms can provide the same level of service as local ones, and their foreign appeal could mean you’re getting some European flair or emerging services that haven’t yet caught on in the States. However, expect longer turnaround times, considering these companies work in a different time zone, and thus on a different schedule. Also, good luck scheduling phone calls…

Pros: Experimental, cutting-edge services can be found from these big, worldly agencies. Nothing beats getting your site designed by one of the best!

Cons: The time difference, and even a potential language barrier, can be off-putting. Also, a very large agency size could mean you are lost in the shuffle, or not regarded as very important.

These, in a nutshell, are the pros and cons of choosing a web design agency in a small city, a large one, or in a location across the world from you. Hopefully this information helped you weigh your options, and will come in handy when you try to make a decision about which design firm to choose for your future projects!