If the design firms you’re evaluating have claimed to be “award-winning,” but you aren’t sure what awards they’ve actually won, what good does that do you?

On this page, we’ll examine some of the most well-known awards and achievements that can be granted to web design agencies, and what winning them means for you as a potential client.

To┬álearn more about each award, simply click each organization’s name to visit the official website.

Horizon Interactive Awards

The Horizon Interactive Awards are seen as the “Oscars of web design.” These awards recognize excellence in media production, including exhibits, videos, print advertisements, and — of course — websites.

Horizon recognizes winners in three tiers each year: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Winning in any one of these tiers is a high honor, as it indicates that the agency in question has shown excellence in design, and achievement that goes above and beyond the skills demonstrated by other agencies.

Companies who win Horizon Interactive Awards for web design are honored with recognition on the Horizon website. A limited number of awards are given out each year, and the competition is fierce.

The Webby Awards

Each year, The Webby Awards recognizes the “best of the web.” This includes website design, as well as advertising, media, online video, social media, and mobile applications.

Full-Disclosure: Themeforest is an affiliate sponsor of Topdesignagencies.com

Full-Disclosure: Themeforest is an affiliate sponsor of Topdesignagencies.com

The Webby Awards are based solely on user nominations and voting. Winning a Webby Award is a very high achievement, and the awards ceremony is often a star-studded event. Any agency with a Webby Award should be viewed as in a class all their own, although you may find that the price they charge matches their high accomplishment!


The Awwwards are an online website awards program recognizing excellence in website design and development. Websites are graded by a jury made up of global representatives, including designers, bloggers, and agency employees.

Awwwards winners are awarded daily (Site of the Day), monthly (Site of the Month), and yearly (Site of the Year). Users are also able to participate in voting to determine how well a website scores.

While not as distinguished as the Horizon awards, the Awwwards still recognizes a number of excellent websites each day, and the competition is similarly high.


Much like the Awwwards, the CSSDA is an online website grading competition. Each day, CSSDA judges review submissions from web professionals to award the best website of the day and month. The CSSDA also chooses a designer of the year and people’s choice website of the year.

Again, while winning the CSSDA may not be as important as winning a Horizon award, the CSSDA site does receive more than a million visitors monthly. So a CSSDA award-winning agency should certainly be taken seriously!

This is just a list of a few of the top design firm awards and achievements you may see as you research web design agencies. If you come across an award you’re not familiar with, you may want to do a little research to ensure it’s not only valid, but also current, as well as relevant to your business. After all, what good will an award in copywriting do you if all you want is a company to design a new website?